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18th View from the President’s Chambers: the on-going process of reform – Financial Remedies Courts

Date:23 JAN 2018
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Formerly President of the Family Division

Although there has been much reform of the processes and procedures in the family justice system in recent years, there is one area in which little has been done and much needs to be done: financial remedies. This is the Cinderella of family justice. Some of its failings were exposed by the Law Commission in its 2014 report, ‘Matrimonial Property, Needs and Agreements’, Law Com No 343. They need to be remedied.

I set out here my vision of what needs to be done and my current thinking as to how this vision can be achieved. The former builds on what I said in my ‘17th View from the President’s Chambers: divorce and money – where are we and where are we going?’ [2017] Fam Law 607, the latter builds on ‘President's Circular: Financial Remedies Courts’ [2018] Fam Law 91.

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