We recognise the need to help protect the environment by managing business processes in a responsible manner through the following initiatives:

  • We use as many electronic procedures as possible to reduce internal paper consumption.
  • We now provide all subscription services online to save printing and reduce waste paper.
  • All paper used in the office is from sustainable forests and totally chlorine free.
  • All leaflets are printed on paper derived from sustainably managed forests.
  • All packaging is over 80% recycled and 95% recyclable.
  • We arrange for new publications to be dispatched from our printers to eliminate the step of transporting to our onsite warehouse first, thus reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Recycling is encouraged with various recycling bins around the office for paper, card, cans, plastic bottles, batteries and in the warehouse for packaging and old CD's.
  • Old computers and electronic items are regularly collected to be recycled. This minimises the impact of waste electrical and electronic goods on the environment, by increasing re-use and recycling and reducing the amount of waste going to land fill.
  • The office now has energy saving lights which use low energy tubes and have motion sensors which automatically switch off when not required.
  • Vending machines for drinks were removed to reduce the amount of wasted plastic cups. We now use traditional longer life cups.
  • The company offers the 'cycle to work' scheme to employees to encourage staff to commute by bike to save money, avoid traffic, keep healthy and lower pollution.