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This Practice Direction supplements FPR Part 27 and comes into force on 23 July 2018[Note by the President 12 June 2018 (not part of the Practice Direction): This is the final approved draft of the...
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On 30 November 2017 I issued 'Practice Guidance: Standard financial and enforcement orders' [2018] Fam Law 89 [1]. These orders, which are available in both hard and soft formats, as well as being...
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Protocol agreed between the President of the Family Division and the Home Office issued on 16 May 20181          This Protocol enables the family courts (the Family Division of the High Court of...
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On 30 November 2017 I issued ‘Practice Guidance: Standard financial and enforcement orders’ [2018] Fam Law 89. On 22 January 2018 I issued ‘Practice Guidance: Standard financial and enforcement orders...
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1. How will the Reform Programme achieve change for the administration of family justice?1.1 As you know, there has been much change in the practice and administration of family justice in the last...
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Provision is made in the Special Restrictions on Adoptions from Abroad (Ethiopia) Order 2018 to impose a statutory suspension on the adoption of children from Ethiopia by British residents. The Order...
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The Family Justice Council has published Guidance on Capacity to Litigate in Proceedings involving Children. The guidance is directed to assist when the question of a party or intended party’s...
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The Family Justice Council (FJC) has published the second edition of its Guidance on Financial Needs on Divorce. The guidance provides a tool for the judiciary in relation to the making of orders to...
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1. Section 3 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 provides as follows:'Bar on petitions for divorce within one year of marriage.(1) No petition for divorce shall be presented to the court before the...
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Introduction1. This Guidance is issued with the purpose of clarifying the legal requirements and practical arrangements for final hearings in adoption applications and adoption visits. 2. In this...
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