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Louisa Gothard
Louisa Gothard
Senior Solicitor, Head of Family Law
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 Civil Partnerships vs MarriageCivil Partnerships award essentially the same rights to couples as Marriage does. There are a few notable differences between Civil Partnerships and Marriage:Civil...
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The average age at which a child inherits from their parents is now 61. What does that mean for the 'average' 61-year-old?If they’re of the 1 in 3 who have made no, or woefully inadequate,...
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The preparation and execution of mirror wills in this country is not unusual, particularly by spouses or those in long-term relationships. However, considerable caution should be exercised when...
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The High Court has determined that there is no bar to a litigation friend of a child or other protected party being held liable for costs, whether acting on behalf of a claimant or defendant: the...
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The survey, carried out by Fidelity International, an investment management company, found that 56% of women and 60% of men said they had no plans for what would happen to their pensions should their...
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Following the Australian decision of Iannello and Iannello (No.3) [2018] FCCA 3752   Sarah Basso and Rachel Roberts look at the approach of England and in respect of orders in matrimonial...
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Surrogacy is an increasingly mainstream part of family law, with the numbers of children born through surrogacy up tenfold in the last decade. As family lawyers who deal with surrogacy cases will...
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(Family Division, MacDonald J, 19 July 2019)Jurisdiction – Child born in England – Father moved back to Jordan – Mother sought declarations under the High Court’s inherent...
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(Family Division, Mostyn J, 31 July 2019)Divorce – Decree Absolute – Court destroyed original case file.The Family Divisions made declarations that a certified copy of the decree absolute...
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(Court of Appeal, Sir Andrew McFarlane, Simon and Nicola Davies LJJ, 31 July 2019)Public law children – Family returned from Syria – Children taken into police protection – Police...
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