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1. Following the successful initiation of the Financial Remedies Court project in the West Midlands (part), centred at Birmingham, I am pleased to announce a further roll-out of the pilot, albeit for...
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The links to the three new orders (numbered 22.1, 22.2 and 22.3) to be added to the compendium of Standard Family Orders can be found below.These comprise:Order 22.1: Stay pursuant to Arbitration Act...
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1. This Guidance concerns the interface between the Family Court and Arbitrations conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Act 1996 (AA96) where the parties to a...
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Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division in England & Wales, and Lord Carloway, head of the Scottish judiciary, have agreed a new judicial protocol regulating direct judicial communications...
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1. Paragraphs 25-29 of President’s Guidance 10 April 2018; Listing Final Hearings in Adoption Cases set out Guidance in relation to the arrangements for adoption visits. Paragraph 28 provides that:“It...
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On 30 November 2017 I issued 'Practice Guidance: Standard financial and enforcement orders' [2018] Fam Law 89 [1]. These orders, which are available in both hard and soft formats, as well as being...
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Protocol agreed between the President of the Family Division and the Home Office issued on 16 May 20181          This Protocol enables the family courts (the Family Division of the High Court of...
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On 30 November 2017 I issued ‘Practice Guidance: Standard financial and enforcement orders’ [2018] Fam Law 89. On 22 January 2018 I issued ‘Practice Guidance: Standard financial and enforcement orders...
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1. How will the Reform Programme achieve change for the administration of family justice?1.1 As you know, there has been much change in the practice and administration of family justice in the last...
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The Family Justice Council has published Guidance on Capacity to Litigate in Proceedings involving Children. The guidance is directed to assist when the question of a party or intended party’s...
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