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(Family Division, Judd J DBE, 28 January 2022)Family proceedings – Reporting restrictions order – Child’s parents charged with murder of sibling - Local authority applying for...
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(Queen's Bench Division, Tipples J, 04 February 2021)Reporting restriction – Lifelong anonymity – Claimants convicted of murder as children – Venables jurisdiction – Risk...
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(Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane P, 27 January 2020)Publication – Child welfare – Judge delivered fact-finding and assurance and waiver judgments – Media sought publication of...
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(Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane P, 24 March 2020)Reporting – Witness anonymity – Child welfareThe Family Division allowed the witness’ application for a reporting restrictions...
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(Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane P, 11 December 2019)Fact-finding – Mother making allegations against father – Whether allegations were provedThe Family Division held that, looking...
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(Theis J, Family Division, 25 February 2019 and 6 March 2019)Reporting restrictions – Committal application – Hyperlink to judgment – Video recording of judgment being read –...
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(Court of Appeal, Underhill LJ, King LJ, Moylan LJ 2 April 2019)Publicity and reporting – Reporting restriction order – Court of Appeal financial remedy proceedings – Art 8 rights of...
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(Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane P, 4 March 2019)Publicity and reporting – Anonymity order for life – Child offenders – James Bulger murder – Subsequent offending –...
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(Family Court, Baker J, 19 June 2018)Publicity and reporting – Financial remedies – Unwelcome publicity – Successful business – Child suffering from rare genetic condition – Application for reporting...
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(Family Division, Sir James Munby P, 25 May 2018)Publicity and reporting – Transparency – Children proceedings – Confidential information – Application for disclosureThe applicant’s general...
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