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(Court of Appeal, Simon, David Richards and Baker LJJ, 9 October 2019)Public law children – Care order – Mother making application to discharge care orders – Circuit judge claiming...
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(Family Division, Cohen J, 28 October 2019)Financial remedies – Tort of deceit – Application to strike out claim for damages.The Family Division held that the claim in deceit could not...
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(Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane, 25 September 2019)Public law children – Female Genital Mutilation Protection Order – Mother making application for asylum in UK.The Family Division...
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(Court of Appeal, Floyd, Lindblom and Baker LJJ, 12 September 2019)Public law children – Care order – Child in foster care under interim care order since birth – Local authority...
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(Court of Appeal, Floyd, Moylan and Jackson LJJ, 14 August 2019)Public law children – Mother appealed against fact-finding hearing on basis of new evidence.The Court of Appeal considered that...
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(Theis J, Family Division, 5 March 2019)Public law children – Adoption – Application to revoke adoption order.The Family Division held that the adoption order had been disproportionate for...
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(Court of Appeal, Sir Andrew McFarlane, Simon and Nicola Davies LJJ, 31 July 2019)Public law children – Family returned from Syria – Children taken into police protection – Police...
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(Family Division, MacDonald J, 25 July 2019)Public law children – Care order – Deprivation of liberty.The Family Division was satisfied that it was in the child’s best interests...
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(Family Division, Cobb J, 24 July 2019)Public law children – Female Genital Mutilation Protection Order – Worldwide travel ban.The Family Division held that a worldwide travel ban was...
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(Court of Appeal, The Master of the Rolls, King and Leggatt LJJ, 11 June 2019)Public law – Local authority applied for declarations that woman lacked capacity – High Court found she lacked...
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