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(Family Division, Cobb J, 5 September 2019)Medical treatment – Vulnerable adult – Local authority issuing application under the court’s inherent jurisdiction with a view to obtaining...
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(Court of Appeal, McCombe, King and Peter Jackson LJJ, 11 July 2019)Medical treatment – Pregnancy – Lack of capacity to consent to termination – Appeal.The Court of Appeal allowed...
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(Court of Protection, Francis J, 4 July 2019)Medical treatment – Capacity –  Pregnancy– Substantial risk of becoming incapacitous during labour – Mental Capacity Act...
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(Family Division, MacDonald J, 21 June 2019)Medical treatment – Diabetic ketoacidosis – Refusal of child to accept treatmentThe Family Division found that it was in the child’s best...
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(Family Division, Hayden J, 13 May 2019)Medical treatment – Application for declaration of lawfulness – Parental objection on religious grounds - 15-month-old child with renal failureThe...
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(Family Division, Hayden J, 27 February 2019)Medical Treatment – Interim care order – 13-month old with end stage renal failure – Application for declaration authorising...
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(High Court, Knowles J, 2 August 2018)Capacity – IVF treatment – Husband left in vegetative state – Whether sperm could be retrieved and stored prior to the husband’s deathThe court allowed the wife’s...
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(Family Division, Hayden J, 24 April 2018)Medical treatment – Jurisdiction – Application to set aside declarations – Application to permit child’s removal to Italy for medical treatmentThe parents’...
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(Court of Appeal, Davis, King, Moylan LJJ, 16 April 2018)Medical treatment – Withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment – Appeal – Habeas corpusThe parents’ appeal from the decision dismissing their...
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(Family Division, Hayden J, 20 February 2018)Medical treatment – Best interests declaration – Child suffered from incurable neurodegenerative disorder – Application for ventilator support to be...
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