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(Court of Appeal, Moylan, Baker LJJ, 1 May 2019)Jurisdiction – Children Act 1989 proceedings – Overseas divorce – Recognition of Dubai divorce granted – Dismissal of...
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(Court of Appeal, Moylan, Baker LJJ, 17 April 2019)Jurisdiction – Divorce – Judicial separation proceedings in Italy – Wife petitioned for divorce in England – Stay of...
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(Family Division, Williams J, 1 March 2019)Jurisdiction – Abduction – Stranding – Mother and child stranded in India – Orders made by Indian court – Whether the English...
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(Family Division, Baker J, 12 November 2018)Jurisdiction – Financial remedies – TOLATA claim – Sch 1, Children Act 1989 – Ongoing divorce proceedings in Italy – Child habitually resident in England –...
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31 October 2018

UD v XB (Case C-393/18 PPU)
(Court of Justice of the European Union, 17 October 2018)Jurisdiction – Habitual residence – Art 8, BIIA - Preliminary ruling – Physical presence – Coercion of mother to give birth in BangladeshThe...
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(Family Division, Williams J, 31 July 2018)Jurisdiction – Divorce petition – EU Service Regulation – Whether the English court of the German court was first seised The English court was found to be...
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10 October 2018

IQ v JP C-478/17
(Court of Justice of the European Union, 4 October 2018)Jurisdiction – Art 15, BIIA – Preliminary ruling – Two courts of different Member States seised of matters relating to...
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(High Court, Keehan J, 25 June 2018)Mother moved with child to Russia – Father made application for return of child to the jurisdictionApplication refused.For comprehensive, judicially approved...
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(Court of Appeal, Hamblen, Moylan and Peter Jackson LJJ, 12 July 2018)Jurisdiction – Polish mother and Hungarian father – Divorce proceedings initiated in both Poland and England – Service of...
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(Court of Appeal, King, David Richards and Moylan LJJ, 12 July 2018)Jurisdiction – Divorce petition – Issued in Germany and England - Whether all necessary steps had been taken for effective...
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