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(Family Division, Cohen J, 25 June 2019)Financial remedies – Marriage – Deed of separation – Divorce – Preliminary issuesThe Family Division made findings as to the date of the...
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(Family Division, Holman J, 17 April 2019)Financial remedies – Overseas divorce – Part III, Matrimonial and Family Proceedings Act 1984In proceedings brought under Part III of the...
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(Family Division, Williams J, 16 April 2019)Financial remedies – s 13, Matrimonial and Family Proceedings Act 1984 – Russian financial proceedings – Whether there had been disclosure...
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(Family Court, Mostyn J, 4 April 2019)Financial remedies – Trust assets belonging to wife – Prenuptial agreement – Husband’s entitlement to financial orderAfter the rejection...
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(Court of Appeal, Sir Andrew McFarlane P, King, Coulson LJJ, 29 November 2018)Financial remedies – Lump sum order – Third parties – Appeal – Whether the order was ultra...
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7 February 2019

BC v BG [2019] EWFC 7
(Family Court, Clare Ambrose, sitting as a deputy High Court judge, 28 January 2019)Financial remedies – Arbitration – Challenge – Appeal – GuidanceThe wife’s appeal from...
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(Family Court, Holman J, 11 December 2019)Financial remedies – Needs claim – Wife from wealthy background – Husband sought lump sum – Whether he had a need for the amount...
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(Family Division, Roberts J, 6 November 2018)Financial remedies – Part III, MFPA 1984 – Beneficial ownership of UK assets – Egyptian financial settlement – Offer of right of occupationIn proceedings...
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12 September 2018

R v K [2018] EWFC 59
(Family Court, Baker J, 4 September 2018)Financial remedies – Company assets – 25-year marriage – Assertion of extensive business liabilities – Failure to comply with maintenance pending suit order –...
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(Court of Appeal, Flaux, Moylan and Leggatt LJJ, 26 July 2018)Divorce – Court made financial remedies order – Subsequent orders for enforcement of unpaid periodical payments – Husband appealedThe...
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