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(Family Division, Pauffley J, 7 July 2017)Enforcement – Recognition – Nigerian adoption order – Inherent jurisdictionAn order was made recognising the Nigerian adoption order pursuant to the inherent...
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(Court of Appeal, Black, Treacy, Simon LJJ, 29 June 2017)Enforcement – Estonian order – Supervised contact – Whether the court had the power to order supervision by the local authority/ Cafcass –...
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(Family Division, Baker J, 9 December 2016)Contempt – Committal – Disclosure of information relating to proceedingsThe committal applications were dismissed.The father initiated proceedings for...
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(Court of Appeal, Longmore, Jackson and King LJJ, 10 April 2017)Enforcement – Contempt – Appeal – Committal overturned – Application for damages and a declarationThe father’s appeal from a refusal to...
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(Family Division, Sir James Munby P, 18 January 2017)Contempt – Extradition – Wardship proceedings – Breach of orders for return – Whether the contempt had been criminal order civilThe mother’s...
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(Court of Appeal, Sir James Munby P, Vos LJ and Theis J, 22 March 2016)Enforcement – Committal – Procedure – Child’s uncle sentenced to 6 months’ imprisonment 11 years after a collection order was...
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(European Court of Human Rights, 17 March 2016)Enforcement – Contempt – Financial remedy proceedings – European Convention, Art 6The European Court of Human Rights unanimously held that there had been...
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(Court of Appeal, Moore-Bick, Ryder, Briggs LJJ, 27 January 2016)[The judicially approved judgment and accompanying headnote has now published in Family Law Reports [2016] 2 FLR 347]Enforcement –...
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(Family Division, Parker J, 21 August 2015)Enforcement – Contempt – Financial remedies – Breach of orders – SentencingThe husband was sentenced for contempt in the course of financial remedy...
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(Family Division, Parker J, 21 August 2015)Enforcement – Financial remedies – Contempt – Committal application – Particularisation of allegations in committal applicationsIn W v H (No 2) (Contempt:...
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