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(Family Division, Cohen J, 8 November 2019)Financial Remedies – Divorce – Husband applied to set aside order giving wife leave to apply for financial relief.The Family Division dismissed...
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14 November 2019

C v C [2019] UKPC 40
(Privy Council, Hale, Wilson, Hodge, Kitchin, Sales LJJ, 31 October 2019)Child maintenance and support – Declaration of paternity – Periodical payments.The Privy Council dismissed the...
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(Family Division, Cobb J, 7 November 2019)Adoption – Foreign adoption – Aunt submitted adoption application in UK.The Family Division allowed the adoption application in spite of the...
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(Court of Appeal, Simon, David Richards and Baker LJJ, 9 October 2019)Public law children – Care order – Mother making application to discharge care orders – Circuit judge claiming...
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(Supreme Court, Wilson, Hodge, Black, Kitchin and Sales LJJ, 30 October 2019)Abduction – Inherent jurisdiction – Application for summary order.The Supreme Court allowed the mother’s...
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(Family Division, Cohen J, 28 October 2019)Financial remedies – Tort of deceit – Application to strike out claim for damages.The Family Division held that the claim in deceit could not...
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(Court of Appeal, Moylan and Peter Jackson LJJ, 17 October 2019)Abduction – Committal proceedings – Legal representationThe Court of Appeal set aside the committal order as the mother had...
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(Family Division, Keehan J, 3 October 2019)Private law children – Parental alienation – Child arrangement order – Best interestsThe Family Division held that it was in the best...
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(Court of Appeal, King, Moylan and Leggatt LJJ, 9 October 2019)Financial remedies – Disposition order – Best interestsThe Court of Appeal allowed the appeal in part. The court held that...
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(Family Division, MacDonald J, 3 October 2019)Medical treatment – Withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment – Best interestsThe Family Division held that it was in the best interests of the...
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