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(Family Division, MacDonald J, 07 July 2021)Care proceedings – Secure accommodation – Unavailability of appropriate placement – Temporary, unregulated placement – Application...
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(Court of Appeal (Civil Division), Baker, Carr, Lewis LJJ, 15 June 2021)Practice and Procedure – Care proceedings – Foster carers joined as party to care proceedings – AppealThe...
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(Family Division, Cobb J, 14 June 2021)Parental Responsibility – Circumcision – 21-month-old Muslim child – Raised in non-Muslim household of extended family – Mother sought...
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(Family Division, MacDonald J, 18 May 2021)Abduction – Application for return order under Hague Convention 1980 - Art 13(b) defence – Whether mother’s allegations against the father...
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(Court of Appeal (Civil Division), Peter Jackson, Simler, Phillips LJJ, 28 May 2021)Case management – Failure to attend psychological assessment – Mother’s mother had died –...
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(Family Division, MacDonald J, 28 May 2021)Medical Treatment – Withdrawal – 2-year old – Catastrophic brain injury during birth – Intensive life sustaining treatment –...
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(Family Division, MacDonald J, 21 May 2021)Non-molestation order – Whether a step nephew was an ‘associated person’ – s 42, Family Law Act 1996 The judge held that a...
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(Family Divison, Poole J, 21 May 2021)Domestic abuse – Father sought return of child and contact – Allegations of domestic abuse.Applying the guidance set out in Re H-N and Others the...
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(Court of Appeal, Civil Division, King, Baker, Males LJJ, 26 May 2021)Adoption – Step parent adoption – Father opposed – Adoption order granted – Appeal – Whether judge...
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(Family Division, McFarlane P, 26 May 2021)Adoption – Care and placement orders – Appeal – Parents failed to engage with professionals and concealed pregnancies – Whether judge...
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