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(Court of Appeal, Civil Division, Underhill, Moylan and Dingemans LJJ, 02 November 2021)Financial remedies – Adult son financially dependent on parents for many years – Permission to...
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(Family Division, Mostyn J, 03 November 2021) Jurisdiction – Father seeking return of daughter to UK from India – Parens patriae jurisdictionThe Family Division dismissed the father's...
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(Family Division, Cobb J, 29 October 2021)Family provision - Time for application – Extension - Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975, s 4The Family Division made the...
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(Family Court, MacDonald J, 31 August 2021) Jurisdiction – Habitual residence – Hague Convention 1996, art 5The Family Court accepted the local authority's claim that the English...
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(Family Court, Peel J, 27 October 2021) Family proceedings – Divorce – Financial remediesThe Family Court made rulings in a financial remedies case in which the parties were said to have...
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(Family Division, Mostyn J, 18 October 2021)Abduction – Application for summary return to Latvia – Concept of ‘settlement’ – Children’s objection to return –-...
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(Court of Appeal (Civil Division), Sir Julian Flaux, Chancellor of the High Court, Macur, King LJJ, 05 August 2021)Case management – Procedural unfairness – Whether case management order...
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(Court of Appeal, Civil Division, Lewison, Peter Jackson and Elisabeth Laing LJJ, 7 October 2021)Public law children – Care proceedings - Appeal against care orders with plan for removal of...
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8 November 2021

TMB v PLB [2021] EWFC 66
(Family Court, Sir Jonathan Cohen, 30 July 2021)Financial remedies – Jurisdiction – Limitation on maintenance claims under Regulation (EC) 4/2009 (The Maintenance Regulation)The Judge held...
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(Court of Appeal, Civil Division, Baker, Carr and Elisabeth Laing LJJ, 9 July 2021)Medical treatment – Withdrawal – 2-year-old – Catastrophic brain injury during birth –...
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