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(Family Division, MacDonald J, 06 October 2021)Medical treatment – Withdrawal – 2-year-old – Catastrophic brain injury during birth – Intensive life-sustaining treatment The...
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(Court of Appeal (Civil Division), Lord Burnett CJ, Sir Geoffrey Vos MR and King LJ, 17 September 2021)Judicial Review – Gender dysphoria – Treatment with puberty blockers – High...
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(Family Division, MacDonald J, 08 September 2021)Public law children - Secure Accommodation – Unavailability of placement - Care Planning, Placement and Case Review (England) (Amendment)...
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(Family Court, Cobb J, 08 September 2021)Abduction – Return order – Children opposed and sought rescission or variation of orderThe two siblings were successful in seeking the rescission...
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(Court of Appeal (Civil Division), Moylan, Baker, Stuart-Smith LJJ, 13 August 2021)Abduction – Wrongful retention – Mother’s application for return order dismissed – Mother...
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(Court of Appeal (Civil Division), Moylan, Newey, Baker LJJ, 24 August 2021)Jurisdiction – Private law children proceedings – Whether English or Russian courts had jurisdiction –...
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(Family Division, Cobb J, 16 August 2021)Jurisdiction – Divorce – Petitions in England and Bulgaria – Which court was first seised – Habitual residence of husbandThe court held...
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(Court of Appeal (Civil Division), Sir Andrew McFarlane P, Moylan, Arnold LJJ, 10 August 2021)Abduction – Removal of child from France -  Failure to return after Covid 19 restrictions...
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(Court of Appeal (Civil Division), Bean, Baker LJJ, Sir Stephen Irwin, 10 August 2021)Adoption – Application to revoke adoption orders – Hearing cancelled and adoption orders made without...
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(Court of Appeal (Civil Division), Henderson, Peter Jackson, Arnold LJJ, 28 July 2021)Abduction – Child removed from USA by father – Child and father lived with paternal grandparents in...
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