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(Court of Appeal, Moylan and Peter Jackson LJJ, 17 October 2019)Abduction – Committal proceedings – Legal representationThe Court of Appeal set aside the committal order as the mother had...
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(European Court of Human Rights, 18 June 2019)Abduction – Hague Convention – Wife took child to Russia – Father’s request for the return of child rejected by Russian courts.The...
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(Family Division, MacDonald J, 6 June 2019)Abduction – Child’s educational needs – Father travelled to Ghana with child and left him there – Mother applied under inherent...
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(Court of Appeal, Flaux Moylan and Haddon-Cave LJJ, 18 June 2019)Abduction – Hague Convention – Consent to removal to England – High Court ordered child’s return to Israel...
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(Family Division, MacDonald J, 17 April 2019)Abduction – Return order – Hague Convention – Consent to removal to England – Art 13(b) defence – Whether the child should be...
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(European Court of Human Rights, 21 May 2019)Abduction – Return order – Art 13(b), Hague Convention – Finding that father had been violent towards the children – Return order...
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(Family Division, MacDonald J, 15 May 2019)Abduction – Hague Convention 1980 – Art 13b – Domestic violence allegations – Mother hid with child for 2 months in Outer Hebrides...
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(Family Division, MacDonald J, 12 April 2019)Abduction – Wrongful removal – Hague Convention application for return order – Art 13(b) – Risk of harm from father’s...
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(Court of Appeal, McCombe, Moylan, Leggatt LJJ, 16 April 2019)Abduction – Retention – Non-Contracting State – Ongoing retention in UK – Whether the Hague Convention appliedThe...
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(Court of Appeal, Longmore, Moylan and Baker LJJ, 7 March 2019)Abduction – Hague Convention 1980 – Return to third state – Protective measures – Whether the situation in...
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