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Edward Bennett
Edward Bennett
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UKVI issues guidance for returning families with children where one member is a foreign offender
Date:4 AUG 2014
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UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) has issued modernised guidance for how it manages returning families with children where one member is a foreign offender.

The guidance tells criminal casework caseworkers how to manage the return of families with children where one family member is a foreign national offender (FNO).

In December 2010, the government announced its plans for ending the detention of children for immigration purposes to protect the welfare of children, while making sure families who have no right to be in the UK are returned. A fresh approach to managing family returns has been developed that places greater emphasis on engagement with families if they are found to have no legal right to be in the UK. It aims to encourage them to leave without the need for enforcement action.

Criminal casework is applying the same principles to the return of FNOs and their families. The latest guidance provides details of the processes for managing family cases without detaining children and must be used alongside the existing criminal casework children and family guidance and all relevant process communications.

The guidance is available below:

Managing the return of families with children.
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