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The Family Court (Composition and Distribution of Business) Rules 2014

Date:3 APR 2014

These Rules may be cited as the Family Court (Composition and Distribution of Business)Rules 2014 and come into force on 22nd April 2014.

These Rules make provision for the composition of the family court and for the distribution ofbusiness of the family court among judges of the court.

Part 2 makes provision for how the family court should be composed, including when hearingappeals.

Part 3 gives powers to the President of the Family Division and the Lord Chief Justice (or his orher nominee) to authorise judges of specified levels to conduct specified business in the familycourt.

Part 4 makes provision for the chairmanship of the family court when it is composed of layjustices.

Part 5 deals with the distribution of business in the family court, including the initial allocation ofthe proceedings listed in Schedule 1, of emergency applications, of applications for the assessmentof costs and of appeals. Provision is made for the initial allocation of applications made in existingproceedings or in connection with proceedings that have concluded, including setting out in Schedule 2 various remedies which may not be granted by certain judges, or levels of judges, inthe family court. Provision is also made for the initial allocation of other proceedings, by referenceto the factors specified in rule 20(2).

Part 6 makes provision for the President of the Family Division to issue guidance on theapplication and interpretation of Part 5, after consulting the Lord Chancellor or, in certaincircumstances, with the Lord Chancellor's agreement.

An impact assessment has been prepared for the group of instruments of which these Rules form apart, and can be found together with the Rules on www.legislation.gov.uk.

The SI is available to download here.