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Stasik v Poland (Application No. 21823/12)

Date:14 OCT 2015
Law Reporter
(European Court of Human Rights, 6 October 2015)

Private law children - Contact - Enforcement - Whether there had been a breach of Arts 6 and 8 of the European Convention

 Please see attached file below for the full judgment.

The European Court of Human Rights found the Polish authorities to have been in breach of Arts 6 and 8 of the European Convention in failing to enforce contact arrangements between a father and son and in the excessive length of the proceedings. 

(Application no. 21823/12)


6 October 2015

This judgment will become final in the circumstances set out in Article 44 § 2 of the Convention. It may be subject to editorial revision.
In the case of Stasik v. Poland

 The European Court of Human Rights (Fourth Section)

 sitting as a Chamber composed of: Guido Raimondi, President, George Nicolaou, Ledi Bianku, Nona Tsotsoria, Paul Mahoney, Krzysztof Wojtyczek, Yonko Grozev, judges, and Fatoş Aracı, Deputy Section Registrar

 Having deliberated in private on 1 September 2015

 Delivers the following:
 Stasik v Poland (Application No. 21823/12)