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No fault divorce a manifesto commitment for Lib Dems

Date:26 NOV 2019
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The Liberal Democrat Party's manfesto for the upcoming election includes a commitment to no fault divorce, as well as other family law issues including removing the spousal veto for equal marriage and extending some rights to cohabiting couples. 

These are the family law commitments:

  • Introduce a right to no-fault divorce.
  • Extend limited legal rights to cohabiting couples, for example, to give them greater protection in the event of separation or a partner’s death.
  • Complete the introduction of equal marriage, by:
    • Removing the spousal veto.
    • Allowing those marriages that were dissolved solely due to the Gender Recognition process to be retrospectively restored.
    • Enabling the Church of England and Church in Wales to conduct same-sex marriages.
  • Introduce legal recognition of humanist marriages.
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The manifesto section on civil liberties includes the words: "l Defend the Human Rights Act, resist any attempt to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights and oppose any laws that unnecessarily erode civil liberties."

Read the full manifesto here.