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Kara Swift
Kara Swift
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FINANCIAL PROVISION: N v D (Financial Provision: Long Cohabitation)

Date:12 DEC 2007

(Principal Registry of Family Division; DJ Harper; 12 December 2007)

The child's parents cohabited for 17 years without marrying. Following the separation the mother sought financial relief for the child, aged 14 years old. A property settlement had been agreed in relation to two jointly properties; the mother and child were to live in one, the other was to be sold and the proceeds released to the father. The father was to pay school fees, currently £12,000 pa. The mother sought £4,400 per month; the father was proposing payment of £2,000 per month. The father's net income was in the region of £180,000 pa.

A reasonable budget to meet the needs of the child was £4,000 per month; given the size and nature of the property the child was living in, it was realistic to say that the mother must be able to maintain it for the benefit of the child, if necessary with the assistance of a gardener and domestic help. This sum included a provision for a carer's allowance; teenagers could be as demanding of their carer's time, care and attention as younger children, but in a different way. Further, the father was required to pay a lump sum for replacement of certain items in the home, and to enable the mother to purchase a car.