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MoJ issues new Code of Practice for Victims of Crime

Date:22 NOV 2013
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The Victim and Criminal Proceedings Policy Team at the Ministry of Justice has issued a new Code of Practice for Victims of Crime, including domestic violence.

The new Code comes into operation on 10 December 2013 and forms a key part of the wider Government strategy to transform the criminal justice system by putting victims first, making the system more responsive and easier to navigate. Victims of crime should be treated in a respectful, sensitive and professional manner without discrimination of any kind. They should receive appropriate support to help them, as far as possible, to cope and recover and be protected from revictimisation. It is important that victims of crime know what information and support is available to them from reporting a crime onwards and from whom to request help if they are not getting it.

Enhanced entitlements are provided to victims of the most serious crime, persistently targeted victims and vulnerable or intimidated victims.

The full Code of Practice is available to download here .