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IFLA launches new website

Date:27 OCT 2015
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Journals Manager + Online Editor
The Institute of Family Law Arbitrators (IFLA) has launched a new website to help raise the profile of arbitration, explain the process and drive people to an arbitrator or further information.

The new homepage will act as a signpost to visitors towards one of three journeys:
  • information for those who need a basic introduction to the concept of Family Arbitration; 
  • guidance for those who are seeking to actually engage in Family Arbitration; and
  • information and resources for practitioners of Family Arbitration or those considering it.
The new website features an arbitrator’s login area which will allow individuals to maintain their own profile details such as address, email, telephone and an external link.

Individuals will also be able to highlight areas of expertise and where they are prepared to arbitrate. 

The new IFLA website can be accessed here
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