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Home Office Guidance: Use and Change of Names

Date:30 AUG 2016
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The Home Office has published its policy on the use and change of names on official documents, such as British passports, Home Office Travel Documents and biometric residence permits.

The guidance aligns how changes of name are handled across the Home Office, so that a person only holds the documents listed below in the name they use for all official purposes:
  • British passports, including emergency travel documents and emergency passports;
  • Home Office travel documents;
  • biometric residence permits;
  • visas;
  • right of abode and certificates of entitlement; and
  • residence documents issued to EEA nationals and their family members, including derivative categories.
Where a person is seeking to change an identity on one of these Home Office documents, that person is required to provide supporting evidence (such as a marriage certificate or a deed poll) that they intend to use that identity for all purposes of their life.

The overarching aims of the policy are to:
  • help the genuine applicant to obtain documents in a change of name with the minimum but necessary level of supporting information; and
  • deter, disrupt and detect those who change their names in order to commit crime or avoid detection.
Click here to read the full policy.