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Edward Bennett
Edward Bennett
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Equality and Diversity Policy for the Judiciary, October 2012
Date:8 OCT 2012
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Senior Editor
The Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales and the Senior President of Tribunals have set out the Equality and Diversity Policy for the Judiciary, dated October 2012.
The Policy comprises:
  • a covering letter;
  • a Dignity at Work statement, which sets out the standards of conduct that judicial office-holders are expected to maintain in their dealings with one another and with members of staff; and
  • a Brief Guide to the Equality Act 2010 that outlines the major provisions within the Act as they may affect the judiciary.
The policy applies to all members of the courts and tribunals judiciary in England and Wales, including fee paid, non legal office-holders, magistrates and all other lay office-holders, and to reserved tribunals' judiciary operating in Scotland and Northern Ireland.
The policy is designed to ensure that members of the judiciary treat everyone equally, in particular:
  • members of the judiciary involved in the selection and appointment of applicants for judicial office, for promotion to higher judicial office and/or for specific roles within the judiciary;
  • members of the judiciary involved in the training, mentoring, appraisal, deployment and/or pastoral care of judicial colleagues; and
  • members of the judiciary in their dealings with court staff, judicial colleagues and other individuals with whom they come into contact in the course of performing their extra-judicial duties.

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