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31 OCT 2017

Consultation to help domestic abuse victims into social housing

Consultation to help domestic abuse victims into social housing

The Government has launched a consultation on new statutory guidance for local authorities to improve access to social housing for victims of domestic abuse. The focus is to find social housing for those seeking or already living in a refuge, ensuring that victims receive the help they need earlier.

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This consultation, Improving Access to Social Housing for Victims of Domestic Abuse, sets out proposals for guidance to local authorities—building on existing statutory allocations guidance. It is specifically intended to assist victims of domestic abuse living in refuges, and other forms of safe temporary accommodation, to access social housing by:

  • making it clear that local authorities are expected to disapply any residency tests for those victims who have fled to another district;

  • setting out how local authorities can give appropriate priority to this group;

  • encouraging local authorities to use their existing powers to support tenants who are victims of domestic abuse to remain safely in their homes if they choose to do so.

The consultation can be completed online or responses can be emailed to AllocationGuidance@communities.gsi.gov.uk.